All Ireland


“All-Ireland” is an Irish music show on Wired FM that celebrates all forms of Irish musicians and artists. Hosted by Dylan Murphy, a Marketing & Management student at LIT, “All-Ireland” presents a broad range of Irish music, from all genres and from across Ireland. The show features the latest hits from the likes of Hozier and Picture This, as well as classic tracks from such iconic names as U2 and Thin Lizzy.


The show concludes with an interview with some of the best in up-and-coming talent from across Ireland, as well the very best local acts from Limerick! Examples of past Limerick-based musicians that have been interviewed include Emma Langford and Post-Punk Podge & The Technohippies, and Dylan has also spoken with the best up-and-coming talent from across Ireland, including Klara McDonnell and Krisdeberg.



 Me with the band “Steiner”, interviewed in March 2019