Mincéir Media: Free Course for members of the Traveller community

Make programming where you control the narrative! 

Have you ever listened to the radio and thought, “Why are there not more Travellers on air?’, “Why does no one talk about…”  “Where is my voice in this…? 

Then this is the course is for you! Learn the skills to become a broadcaster and host your own radio programme/Podcast. No experience necessary 

Mincéir Media is about making radio that matters. It is a course designed by Craol and Wired FM specifically for members of the Travelling Community. This project will see 12 participants from the Travelling Community trained in media skills by Wired FM and will manifest in a series of programme, and the programmes will be broadcast by Wired 99.9FM and across the National Community Radio Network as well as archived as podcasts.   

The course offers participants a fun, interactive and meaningful way to make a difference in their community and is aimed at people aged 18 or older who have an interest in media and radio.  

You will be introduced to things like media literacy, storytelling, advocacy, radio, and podcast production. Giving you a taster that will hopefully inspire and equip you to continue working in community media or produce your own podcast.

After a short meet up on the 21st of May, the course begins on June 8th. There will be 33 hours of class time, and 12 hours of “studio time” and it will run through June and July. You can register here today.

Over the duration of specially tailored online course, participants will learn about media literacy, storytelling, advocacy, and the various features that make up a radio programme. The outcome will be a series of programmes that appeal to you. The content created will not be dictated by the trainers, all produced programming will consist of content that the participants are interested in.  

The participants will get to grips with production skills such as Vox pops, panel discussions, interviews, and basic editing, all with the support of the trainer. They will also begin to look at how the media works and how it represents them and the issues that affect them. 

At the beginning of the course, participants will be encouraged to think about and thrash out their concerns, stories, issues, and interests to find what matters to them and how they would like to approach talking about- 

 It could be a positive change (i.e. introduce something new), negative change (i.e. remove something which is an obstacle or negative influence) or sustaining change (i.e. expand or enrich something which already exists).  

There are no exams at the end of the course, instead the assessment is all carried out through a portfolio of work that the participants build up over the duration of the course. Most of this work is carried out in class time, with easy-to-use templates, and, again, the active support and encouragement of the trainer.  

The introductory class will take place at noon on the 21st of May 2021, and the course will consist of a few hours a week across June and July. 

If you are interested in the Mincéir Media course please contact Ray at manager@wiredfm.ie or 061 315 773/087 169 6999 or Martin at martin@wiredfm.ie