Wired 99.9FM launch new brand today!

Today Wired FM launch our new brand, and we are changing our name to Wired 99.9FM.

Wired 99.9FM is our volunteers and we wanted to develop a brand that brings the volunteers to the forefront of everything to do. We are about inclusivity, participation, and experimentation.

We are not afraid to show our hand. We’re sometimes rough around the edges, we see that as a strength, and not a weakness. To us, the journey is as important as the destination, and we’re inviting you along for the ride.

The launch night for our new brand takes place in the Record Room on Catherine Street. It will be broadcast live on FM, and feature 3 excellent live acts, Static Vision, PVP and 50ft Woman. It’s free in, and you’re all invited!

Working with the creative team at Piquant to realise this brand was an incredible experience, a more accommodating, understanding and passionate team you will not find.