Schedule slots available at Wired FM

Hey Student!


We’ve hit mid-term now, and some of our student volunteers have become overwhelmed with their college schedule, and have to step down for a while.

As a result, we have a few new slots that have become available. 


They are…


Monday and Thursday mornings


09:00 – 10:00 ….VS the Mornin’

Wake up Limerick on this lively Monday morning magazine show. Varied topics and subjects pertaining to the interests of students through the prism of students.

50% speech and 50% music. 25% Irish Music 


Wednesday and Thursday evenings 

17:00 – 18.00 The Home Stretch

Drive Time magazine show. This programme engages with the local community (students of Limerick), and discussing student issues, entertainment, music, film, student sport and current affairs.

50% speech and 50% music. 25% Irish Music 

Get a group of friends together and take a slot, being involved in student radio is a lot of fun, don’t let four years of college fly by without getting involved in your community. If you are interested get in touch studio [at]